Ode to the old comforter

I will soon be 46 & my menopausal symptoms or PMS symptoms showed-off tonight at 1:15am. I’m not sure which because I still have my curse but I sure was ill as a hornet. Had it not been for Jack’s sensitivity to anything outside of the norm, I would of tore our house down! It’s safe to say most of America is on edge. We have a lunatic running this country, Covid is running rampant, there is a great amount of division, very firm but different beliefs about Covid, Ivermectin, vitamins, the vaccine & just about everything. Not only do I get worked up about all of the above, my neighbor that has the two constantly barking beagles now has a rooster that crows. What fun! Not going to bed until after 2am while waiting on Jack to fall asleep & now being awakened by a rooster is pure & utter torture. Along with the rooster, there are ducks. We live in town limits. This woman literally has her pick of two houses (she owns both), the one she is in which is right beside us or one across the street & all because torture loves me like no other, she just had to move in beside me where her backyard connects to ours. I am the only neighbor that has complained to her, everyone complains to me but nobody else does to her. The town doesn’t do anything either. I’ve already had the police over there. It really is a frustrating situation. I even spent $200 on a box that is supposed to keep the dogs from barking, it does not work, but how can it when the woman has a mini farm out back with chickens & ducks that get hunting dogs wired up? Enough about those nuisances. Any way, Jack has been wanting a new comforter. He really wants a wrestling comforter. Although we aren’t sure why, he never watches wrestling but talks about Charlotte Flair a lot & her Daddy, Ric. Fun fact I found out when Jack asked me to look up Charlotte’s manager, their last name is really spelled Fliehr. My younger Saturdays were spent jumping up & down on the couch rooting for Dusty Rhodes when he & Ric were fighting. I thought the Nature Boy’s last name was actually Flair. It only took 37 years to find out the truth, all because I’m Jack’s secretary! Jack’s comforter was actually Coleman’s. It has been around for many years. It has been peed on countless times, vomited on one time too many, washed & dried, washed & dried, & washed & dried 1000’s of times, all this mainly because of seizures. It came from Walmart & that comforter has been through it. It still looks every bit as new as it did when I bought it. It kind of makes me sad that it won’t be around any more. When Coleman wanted a new one, it was a sign he was growing up, now, I guess that is the same deal for Jack. The end of an era.

Of course Jack wanted me to buy the comforter instantly, but I thought maybe I could get him to put in a little work if he wanted it, try to show him that he needs to work for things he wants even if he can’t “work” for items he wants us to purchase. I agreed we would purchase him a comforter if he drank three cups of liquid a day. I’ve told y’all how Jack has zero desire to drink any type of fluids. When I give him his day medications, he takes two sips, 12 hours later, the same amount of liquid that was there that day is still there that night. He gets that mess from Lee. Lee Berry will eat every meal I cook for him & never drink a drop of liquid & sit in his recliner hiccuping because he hasn’t drank anything (which gets on my last nerve if you couldn’t tell). When we go out to eat, Lee requests for his tea to be put in a takeout cup to drink through the day, he never touches it. I blame him for this & Dravet! Seriously though, Jack has lost all sense of thirst which is a characteristic of Dravet just like not having a sense of pain. What got my nerves so riled up tonight was because of our deal. We had a baby shower for an employee of ours this evening so we didn’t get home until around 8:30. When I got home, Jack had not touched his drink from when I left at lunch. I reminded him of our deal. It was a mini-bottle of Sunkist, something most young adults would throw back in a matter of minutes. He held it, nearly spilled it several times, held it some more, two hours went by-nothing, still the same amount as before was in the bottle. At 10:30, I reminded him he only had 1.5 hours left before the deal was broken. He then requested a grape koolaid drink. I took it to him. At 11:15, the Sunkist that he held for hours did exactly what I thought it would do, spill all over his bed. Jack would not get up for me to clean it either. This is the kid that if he gets one droplet of water on his tshirt, he must change immediately. He was soaked & so was each layer of the bed. Jack is extremely particular about his bedding, you’d think he was Martha Stewart so I knew this was going to be an issue. I don’t consider myself a frivolous person. I love to recycle, use what I have until the last bit is gone, if I don’t like something, I find someone that does, I recycle everything & I definitely do not have anything in excess, sheets being one of these-that is changing after tonight’s ordeal! By midnight though, Jack drank the grape koolaid, plus a cup of water so he made his goal, mostly. With aggravated nerves about the spilled drink, he had me pour the water that was already in a glass into another glass before he would let it touch his lips. What an annoyance to me & only added to my frustrations!

Naturally, Jack would not get up until 1:15am for me to clean everything up. He expected me to wash his bedding, wait on it all & then makeup his bed. It would have been 5am before all that would be done! I’ve written a blog about my confounded washing machine before & it is not a kind one (neither the blog or my washing machine). It takes 1.5 hours to wash sheets in my machine! Maytag lies! If the makers of these washing machines would spend less time worrying about the lid locking (which is a child safety precaution) & running more water to fill the washer, they might could make a washing that actually cleaned clothes (this makes me heated as well if you couldn’t tell). I mean I have never! I never as a child had the urge to climb inside a washing machine & if I did, I surely wouldn’t turn it on with me inside. It’s the adults that are the stew-pied ones in this world, people with big fancy degrees (and no offense if you have one, if you have stuck with me throughout my blogs, you’ve got good sense lol). So at 1:15am, Jack finally decided to get up & let me wash his comforter. I told him there was no way it would all be done soon, his response was he could wait up on it. But I knew what would happen. He would fall asleep around 2am, then wake at 4am angry because his bedding wasn’t on. I had to improvise or else I knew there would not be any sleep for me. Without a spare set of sheets to fit his bed, I ended up having an extra set for mine & Lee’s bed which is a king size, Jack’s is a full. Jack was in the bathroom while I was stripping down his bed & everything was going wrong. First, I was changing a bed at 1:15am. Secondly, he spilled that drink on purpose to get out of drinking three cups of liquid. Thirdly, he had every piece of junk & tiny guitar picks piled up on his bed. Most of it was so small I couldn’t see that it was on the bed & it fell on the floor. Making a king size set of sheets fit properly on a full sized bed for Mr. Martha Stewart himself is not an easy job. I was having hot flashes, I was ill, I was tired. I slammed the remote down that of course fell on the floor. I wanted to tear the house down at that point. Thankfully, Jack was satisfied with the sheet placement, my improv passed inspection!

So a story about a spilled drink led to several other stories all to get to the point of me on the verge of a nervous breakdown all because of changing the sheets at 1:15am. The crazy things that goes on in our house after midnight is so funny to me when I look back on it all (after I have calmed down). All I can say is, I am so thankful I was not doing all this from a hospital bed. Each day Jack avoids the hospital, I am a happy camper. We often have to find blessings in unique hiding places! Here’s to hoping Jack can holdup to his liquid intake deal for a week & that it sparks a natural thirst. I’m also going to be making some medication changes so if you will be in prayer for both of those requests, our family would appreciate it. Now go find your blessing in a crazy way! Cheers!

Author: dravetsyndromeblog

44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

One thought on “Ode to the old comforter”

  1. Amy you are a blessing and angel and I totally get the hot flashes and the moodiness! I can absolutely tell that writing is good for your soul because by the end of your blog you always have something positive to say! It calms you down and is a great outlet when we get frustrated! Jack is always in my prayers and you and your family! Praying Jack continues to take in the liquids and the medication changes will help! I love y’all!

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