Spa day

The experience of a pedicure is often a relaxing treat for most. I don’t partake in one much because I don’t particularly love them, I only do one occasionally to spend some time with Ava since we are in “Corona Times” now & there isn’t a lot going on in the world-today happened to be one of those days. I love a good, hard massage though. Mama has always said someone needs to massage me with a sledge hammer! I however, do not enjoy the dealings that go along with a pedicure-the salt scrub (ouch!), hot stones (burn), the water is always too hot, & Lord have mercy, those hot towels are dreadful to me. When they say hot towels, that’s what they mean, my skin actually feels like it is searing over an open flame! When the technicians start with the callus remover, I can’t take it. Nearly the whole process is painful to me, the best part is the massage chair. I put it on knead the whole time.

Today our journey lead us to Galaxy Nail Lounge in Southern Pines. I am always ashamed to go to nail salons because my toes are ratchet & my fingernails are as well. My cuticles are ragged (why can’t there be a miracle cure for torn cuticles), both nail sets are cut super short, I love nail color on my fingernails but it chips so bad with my line of work, so I prefer it on my toes & will never waiver from Carolina blue or lavender on my toes. I know the nail people wonder why this gal doesn’t get her fingernails did. For one, I hate things under my nails, that’s one of the reasons I keep them super short. Second reason is, I feel like faux nails make me do funny things with my hands (a problem that was instilled in me by my Mama). I purchased a gel nail kit from Walmart earlier in the year, never again! I now refer to home gel nail as “hell nail”! It took strength I didn’t know I had to get 75% of the polish off, the other 25% had to grow out! That mess was the pits. Lastly, is time. I just don’t have the time to do such & really zero desire for that kind of pampering. I need to go at least once a month for my feet due to the blessing from my Daddy, I got his feet! I have calluses all over. At home, I take a straight-up razor blade to them, a trick I learned from him. Last night prior to coming to the nail salon, I soaked my feet in a bottle of cheap red wine & orange slices to help soften my leathery pads, which worked! My feet have been far worse this season than any other. I think it’s because I have worked so hard since our “pan-‘damn’-ic” (as Lee calls it) started. Most days since this ordeal, I am on my feet well over 15 hours straight. Things are getting slower with our business now that some of the kids have returned to some type of school. This is always a bittersweet time for us both. The slow down is welcomed in some ways, but not really. The fast pace of summer business is really a fun time…most of the time.

What sparked me to write about pedicures was thinking about Ava & her age of 14. I was looking at this complete & utter stranger today trimming my nails & coming at my toes with sharp objects & I thought ‘how ridiculous is this’? Ava has been getting pedis since she was 10 or so, if she ever got a splinter in her foot & her Daddy would try to remove it with a kitchen knife (none other than the best made Rada knife), she would start hollering & carrying on something awful! I would have to hog-tie her to allow Lee to remove the splinter. But let a total stranger come at her with sharp & painful objects, charge me $50 & it’s all smiles! People are funny, children are funnier.

If you ever get a chance to experience a spa day, checkout Galaxy Nail Lounge. It’s an extremely clean facility that oddly doesn’t smell like nail polish. I hate going to those places where the smell of nail polish has overpowered the building. There is a nail salon near Kirkland’s that has a competition with which store can have the strongest scent, Kirkland’s or the nail salon. My vote is with Kirkland’s! Every time I visit Kirkland’s, my hair comes out smelling like pumpkin spice! Too bad Ava has dumped that particular nail salon, I could drop her off & shop at the pumpkin spice capital of the world while she got her nails did. It’s strange how your kids can be so different from their parents. Me, I couldn’t stand nails, except for the 14 karat gold false nail (yes, one false nail) that Santa brought me. This was in the 80’s of course when all things tacky ruled. I still can’t believe I wore those things & that they were even a thing! Ava has loved false nails since she was a tiny person. At age 4, she always talked her Aunts or Nan into buying her a pack at “the Walmarts” or Dollar General. I finally got sick of buying them for her because as soon as she put them on, they would make their way onto my floorboard. I’m still finding false Barbie nails in my SUV! Pictured below are Ava’s current hooker nails as I call them!

Ladies & gents, checkout Galaxy Nail Lounge, ask for Randy, aka Sunshine. The girls say he’s the best in the biz! Let us know whatcha think! Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a quick parody of one of my favorite comedians. Ava used to do this skit all the time when she was younger, she was so funny, cute, & true-if you haven’t heard it already here it is.

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