Death on a plate???

Corona virus scare, talk, media overload, hoarding is in full effect! Whether you believe there should be shut downs & closings is neither here nor there. This is my last will & testament-just kidding, or at least I hope so. Jack has been the studying this Corona since it started in China. He began by counting the daily infected & the daily deaths country by country. Every morning that is the first thing he checks, even has an app on his phone to keep track of it all. All of this is fine by us, means fewer moments spent online chatting with strangers. Ava bless her heart developed a cold about two weeks ago. No fevers, just a run of the mill cold that we are all afflicted with at least once a year. When Coleman, Ava, or Lee catch a cold, it’s awful. They cough for weeks. It is loud, continuous, & I hate it. I’m the type of person that is easily annoyed by sounds, even people breathing! Now I have the cold Ava had. It began last week with a sore throat, lots of drainage, some coughing, sneezing, & runny eyes-NO fever. I feel it necessary to announce that I do not have Corona if I sniffle or sneeze. Ava is on the tail end of her cold. Please Lord, don’t let Lee get the man flu!

Back to my last will & testament & death on a plate. Jack decided he wanted me to take him to our local Chinese buffet on Sunday evening. He tried to get my Daddy to take him but he told Jack he didn’t want to get “the” Corona. I, was the next alternative. There was a surprising number of people out even amid the warnings of the virus. I love Chinese food if done right, I don’t love this particular Chinese buffet. I’m not a fan of much fried food & am very picky about what meats touch my lips. I filled up on noodles, rice, & green beans & I was left ravished after about two hours because I didn’t intake any protein. After all the warnings & deaths Jack has read about, he stated “I ain’t afraid of no Corona” when I tried to get him not to go. I’m not much of a scaredy cat when it comes to germs, but all I could think about were the tongs & serving spoons on this buffet line (reason for the blog title). The media has got us all not scared, but “skeered” to death! I’m not discussing whether they are right or wrong with their delivery or concerns, I just know they have infiltrated my brain.

Jack was very pleasant at the restaurant, he fixed two plates of food & ate every last morsel drowned in soy sauce no less. He was not quick about it as always while eating, he had diarrhea of the mouth. He didn’t act weird like he did last time we went out to eat at the fish camp, it was a nice outing for the two of us.

What was not unusual for me, was the man sitting in the booth behind us. He was dining with a friend I suppose. The first thing that caught my eye was his hat, read closely.

I have to say, I like the concept! I was waiting on Jack to ask him something or read his hat. It would of been on either way. I am thankful he didn’t notice the man’s hat. I think we (my family) need shirts, hats, pants, pajamas, & socks to wear around Jack. Maybe he will stop calling us with foolishness all day long. The very next night after we ate out at the Chinese restaurant, he calls in an order to Mama Noi’s in Ellerbe. He ordered $30 worth of food & of course he didn’t eat it all. I’m going to have to go up there & tell them if Jack calls them ever again for a call-in to call me before they cook it. He’s got to have the high cholesterol in Ellerbe! His diet consists of takeout only. At one time it was strictly frozen egg rolls & egg & bacon sandwiches, now he lives a life like he’s Richie Rich calling the three restaurants we have in town all the time placing food orders & awaiting someone to bring it to his room on a silver platter. I made roasted red pepper soup the other night for the rest of us. Jack surprisingly wanted a bowl. He finished & said, “Mawmaw (his nickname for me) can cook”! I nearly died! He hasn’t eaten anything I’ve cooked for the family in so long. It was so good to him that he ate another bowl before going to the Chinese place.

Last summer, The Berry Patch made a donation to one of the local factories that produces paper towels & toilet paper. As a thank you, they gifted Lee & I with two huge boxes of toilet paper & two huge boxes of paper towels. They aren’t your Bounty or Charmin brands, but we are so thank for those boxes now even more so than when we received them. It was a blessing in disguise. I’m just thankful I don’t have to go around asking people if they can “spare a square”! #seinfeld #elaine This precious commodity that everyone in the free world is fighting over will splinter your tail (literally), but I ain’t getting involved in that fight…yet! We haven’t had to purchase TP or PT since August of last year. We have so much I have to store it in our junk room.

Have Jack & I sealed our fate for Corona? Will this be my last blog? Am I still hungry? This is beginning to sound like the end of the old Batman & Robin episodes from the 60’s. Any who…stayed tuned for the answers to all of these burning questions. The answer to the last one is yes, continuously!

I am taking the virus scare seriously, mainly for Jack’s sake. He has such a poor immune system, he can’t fight infections like the rest of us. Fevers can be life-threatening for Jack, but I couldn’t convince him of that prior to going out to eat. He doesn’t know or care about the seriousness the impact could have on him. We can only hope he doesn’t want to go out to eat any more. The virus is scary to us not only as parents of a medically fragile child, but as small business owners. Get out & support the small businesses when & if you can. In the meanwhile, spare a square! I will if absolutely necessary!

Author: dravetsyndromeblog

44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs.


    On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 1:52 AM Cruel & Unusual Circumstances wrote:

    > dravetsyndromeblog posted: “Corona virus scare, talk, media overload, > hoarding is in full effect! Whether you believe there should be shut downs > & closings is neither here nor there. This is my last will & testament-just > kidding, or at least I hope so. Jack has been the stud” >


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