Men in Doorways

I have so many blog titles in my head that I would love to write about. I mainly don’t because I don’t have time, but also because I title my life almost daily based on some sort of foolery or weirdness that has occurred. I just love titles! This blog post is going to appeal to women ages 35 & up. It’s concerning men. Men get a bad rap. Some say (I may or may not “say”) men are too sloppy, don’t pay attention to details, don’t help in the kitchen, etc…Whether men do or do not do any of the above is a moot point. My question is, why do men stand in doorways? I haven’t always been privy to noticing such a phenomenon, I am certain it has occurred since doorways were invented. The reason I haven’t always noticed it, I was too young & blasé to care.

As I aged & my responsibilities changed, I began to notice it. For instance, I started helping out with showers for friends, meals at church, & family gatherings. Now I’m not saying this is always the case, however it is in my experiences that men don’t typically help do what they consider “women” things such as cooking & cleaning. Men like to talk as do women, but I’ve noticed in nearly every situation, men like to talk in doorways, more specifically, they like to talk in groups in the doorway of wherever women are working. I’m going to make a sign like the orange ones you see on the highway that says “women working, men, stay out of the doorway”! Could they not pick a more inconvenient place to hangout?

My church friends & I will be busy scurrying about setting up the buffet line for a meal, trying to go in & out of you guessed it, the doorway-no matter how many times we politely say excuse me which is followed by an eye roll & an under the breath “why don’t you move”, the men always find their way back to that doorway. It’s like it has some sort of gravitational pull. I think part of that pull is these “doorway standers”think if they are partly in the kitchen, they can imply to their wife they did something to help in the kitchen. The real reason probably has more to do with the fact that the doorway they are standing in is closer to the food & they want to be first in line.

Today at The Berry Patch in our gift shop, there was a group of three men lounging in the doorway. Summer Sunday’s are swamped at the big strawberry, so this is not the time to lounge around our doorway. They were standing in the way of all of the customers that wanted to come in the gift shop & the employees that were trying to stock produce. They were totally oblivious to anything we were doing & oblivious to the fact that they themselves were in our way. Some men (not all, just the ones I know), are oblivious to the annoyances womenfolk have for them. I know blogs can be written & have been written about how women spend too much money, have too many shoes, wear clothes & claim they’ve had it for years when in fact we just pulled it out of the trunk five minutes ago, but I’m not a man (sadly). If I were, I’d be sleeping right now, it’s 1am.

I’m pretty sure no one has ever written about the strange mystery of “doorway standers”. Pay attention next time you’re at a party or a church meal & see where the men linger-it ain’t the table like normal people, it ain’t the bathroom, it ain’t even in the kitchen. It’s smack dab in the way of everything women are trying to do. Can you imagine the conversations our Grandma’s once had? “Inez, did you see Clyde perched in that doorway running his mouth while we were trying to get the food setup? He would not move!” I may or may not of had this conversation with a few friends. Of course, this blog wasn’t meant to offend, only to get you to stop & think about men in doorways. I do find the men in doorways comical, I even married one! I’m sure Coleman won’t like that I shared a picture of him in a doorway, but it was the only picture I had of a man in a doorway. Let me know if you’ve ever experienced a man in a doorway!

Author: dravetsyndromeblog

44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

2 thoughts on “Men in Doorways”

  1. morning cuz. Interesting read of an interesting phenomenon. It reminds me of the folks that block aisles in grocery stores and “idjuts” driving slow in the passing lane just because they can. As a male who has actually helped in sitting-up buffets at church I have observed this behavior too. When I’m working in the kitchen it’s usually women standing watching (shock & Awe), men don’t like to watch. The door is a choke-point and easy to defend, so just maybe it is a left-over protective maneuver impressed in a male’s genetic profile.

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