Time Change

The time is 5am, the morning after the time change. I told Lee Saturday that there would be no telling what time Jack would go to sleep Sunday night after the time change, looks I was right, I just didn’t know it would be this late or early depending on what you call 5am. This kid had no clue that the time changed to my knowledge, but somehow it got his wiring mixed up-happens every time change-usually not to this degree. I’ve seen every hour on the clock today since 8am on Sunday, in three hours I will have been up for 24 hours. Jack had two sleeping pills & a Benadryl at 10:30pm, 6.5 hours later, he’s still wide awake. No wonder I have thyroid problems, am obese, & probably developing carpal tunnel syndrome from blogging so much! Ball team, y’all better be looking for another pitcher lol.

While flipping channels watching everything from Frazier, a fashion clearance on QVC, vacuums on Evine, & now morning news, Jack got up & emptied his trashcan from his room. Him emptying his trashcan during normal business hours is highly unusual, him emptying it at 4:30am is downright strange. Upon investigation, I discovered Jack cut his hair. Someone that he’s been chatting with undoubtedly told him to do so. No reasoning to be had with him, so I didn’t say anything to him about it, I simply closed the door back & went back to my room in hopes that he would soon fall asleep-he hasn’t. Y’all must think I’m making this stuff up! I’ve mentioned before that he shaved his eyebrows several weeks ago because someone thought it was funny to tell him to, now his bangs are gone. Scissors are a huge part of my life. I use them more than most people. They are an essential cooking tool for me for the meals I make for my family & Berry Patch cobblers & such, I even have special ones for certain things. It looks like now I’m going to have to hide them. What an absolute pain in the butt!

It’s hard to believe in just a little over an hour, Ava will be up getting ready for school & her brother has yet to close his eyes. Lee questioned whether I gave Jack the right medication tonight. Jack’s sleepless nights always make me second-guess myself, but I know it was the right one. Anytime Jack has ever had a procedure at the hospital, they have to give him elephant sized meds to either put him under and/or relax him post surgery.

Sunday evening, Coleman & I were out delivering knives as part of his fundraiser for his study abroad journey to Norway & Sweden, when we were blessed with the opportunity to see the most beautiful double rainbow. We’ve seen plenty, especially since North Carolina has become the rain forest in recent months. I’ve said for years that here in our area, when the day is gloomy, the sun almost always comes out right before sunset. That’s what happened with the double rainbow. Today was a gloomy day with some rain (of course), the sun was about to set, but there was a pink sky behind the rainbows, that is what made it so unusual & magnificent. I felt like I was seeing the beauty in the sky for some reason, like maybe change was in the air. Now that Jack has cut his hair, I guess not, but I will still marvel in the beauty of His creation. I wish the title of this blog could of been Time for Change.

It’s 5:35am, Jack & the Power Rangers movie are still going strong as well as his “Alexa” who is aiding & abetting his love for music…Lord help us Jesus the club is hopping this morning! I rue the day that woman was ever invented!

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44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

One thought on “Time Change”

  1. I wish I’d messaged you. When the time changes either way, it has an enormous impact on me. In the Fall, I sleep almost all day and night for the first week to two weeks. In Spring, I’m unable to sleep for roughly the same.

    I rarely see sunsets because of the trees out back. This one was such a special one that I just believe in my heart of hearts that God sent it to you to tell you that change is coming. Jack may not be that change but I’m feeling like the circumstances around him are changing. Today, I’m going to pray that you get some rest. I know a nap is out of the question but maybe some peace, some comfort and some rest for your weary body, mind and soul.

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