The cause & effect of ill-fitting pants!

Why are Lee & I not in an insane asylum or dead from stress??? We ask ourselves this nearly everyday. Many of you keep up with our “Tales from the Crept” through my blog. The event that occurred today at our home was scary to say the least. Jack can’t distinguish between what’s a month or a day, he can’t stand on one foot, has a difficult time touching his nose with his index finger, can not do simple math like add or subtract, but the child can call a taxi! Yes, you heard me right. This is how the story goes.

Jack woke up at 7:45am this morning. When he wakes early, it’s typically because he has something on his mind. Although he did not seem to have a preoccupied mind, I would learn later in the day what caused his early awakening. My day was to head to our neighboring county for lunch with Mama & my sister Jodie & some shopping. After an enjoyable lunch & a few purchases, we headed home. I should of known something was amiss due to my blue jeans. The jeans were brand new & I found out as I wore them they were horrifically ill-fitting. Nothing good comes from ill-fitting pants. They put you in a bad mood & things typically don’t go well on “bad pant day”. This day was no exception. Nearly half way home, Jack’s helper text me 911. My first thought was a seizure. When I called, she said Jack was in a taxi. Now for those that follow my blogs & aren’t familiar with our area, we live in a very rural area. Taxis in Ellerbe are a rare sighting. It’s like seeing a camel in the road, you just don’t see them here. As I’m talking with Jack’s helper via phone, she’s telling him to get out of the car & trying to explain to the taxi driver that Jack is a minor & mentally disabled. I hang up & call Lee because I’m 20 miles from home. By the time Lee arrived, Jack was back in the house. Lee tracked down the taxi driver & spoke with her. She said that Jack wanted to go to Dollar General to buy a gift card. Many things here. One: DG is literally a mile from our house he could of gotten his helper to take him or waited on one of us, two: the child has zero money, three: he is a mentally handicapped child. The driver told our helper that it was going to cost like $80 for her trip here & her trip back. Needless to say, she didn’t collect any money.

I did talk to Jack about this & he apologized saying he would never do anything like that again, but Jack lies. He doesn’t have any type of thought process other than instant gratification. He doesn’t realize the consequences of going off with a stranger. Just because someone says they are something, he believes it. Our helper did everything right today. She was tricked by Jack. He went into the living room while she was in the kitchen washing dishes & fixing him something to eat & slipped out the door before she knew what was going on. Luckily, she ran out the door as the taxi was backing out. How in the world could this taxi driver not of known something was wrong with Jack? I mean, I know he has a mustache, but I would think one would question this situation. I guess I am naive.

Jack wanted a gift card to give to his girlfriend. He did not tell me this, I find this information out when he goes to sleep at night. This person is named “Becky” & is a catfisher. If you don’t know what a catfisher is, read my blog about that. This person, likely a man, keeps telling Jack when she gets a card, she’ll send pictures of herself or call him. All of these troubles we are currently having with Jack are being fueled by teenage hormones. In fact, I emailed the doctor today & asked if there is something we can give Jack to suppress his testosterone level. I pray the doctor gets back with me by tomorrow. I know the logical thing to do is to say, take this child, we can not deal with him any more! But before we do that, I want to be able to say I have tried every.single.thing. there is. If my suggestion to the doctor doesn’t work, then we will have to look for options.

I get so depressed realizing our reality blows. As I think about the what-if’s of today, I know that my life will become even more limited. Going out to hang my clothes on the line, read on the deck, paint my toenails outside, feed the birds, water the flowers, all of that will now be impossible for me since we have a front & back entrance to our house. Any car that drives by a little too slow or pulls in, makes our heart skip a beat. We are so on edge never knowing what to expect from moment to moment. A funny I was able to take away from this tonight as we were discussing today’s ordeal, I told Ava she’d never have to worry about us remarrying if something ever happened to her daddy or myself, not one soul would cross our doorstep to date us! They wouldn’t touch this situation with a ten foot pole!

So yesterday I was awake at the butt crack of dawn because of a stray guinea at my bedroom window hollering like a fire truck alarm, today I was up early because my child was planning a taxi ride! Wonder what tomorrow will bring???

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44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

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