Home alone

Y’all I was home alone! This NEVER happens, I absolutely can not think of the last time I was home alone. Jack actually wanted go out to eat at Dixie Burger with Lee (it’s a great hometown restaurant), he loves their fish plates & Coleman & Ava were at Mama & Daddy’s. What does a person like me do when faced with such a rarity? I bet you thought I would pour myself a glass of Pinot & turn on the Hallmark channel for Christmas movies-wrong! I wanted to do that & be like Kevin from Home Alone-jump on the bed, have pizza delivery but we live in Ellerbe where it can’t be delivered, eat junk food, but I had more important tasks to perform. First, I raced to wash Jack’s sheets because he hates having to get out of the bed for me to wash them. Next, I wrapped a few gifts. Then I thought I might have a little time to read 1/2 a chapter in my book, however, I thought better of it. I shouldn’t try to read during awake hours. Every time I pickup a book either someone comes over or the phone rings. I actually got to play my podcast for a few minutes while zipping around the house trying to do things I normally can’t do in peace & quiet with Jack here. I ironed, where I typically iron, it has recently started to be too much power on that side of the house. Plugging something else in, takes down the internet, TV’s, & phone. This is only par for the course, so now I must find another source of power on the opposite side of the house. Then there’s the other “children” in the house that left their beds unmade, which I hate. I certainly can’t be home with some extra time & leave their beds in a blundering mess. I feel like Hazel from the 50’s sitcom. Only one hour to I’m just missing the apron & the housecleaners head-garb. Only one hour to cram all this stuff in!

Oh man…just as I sat down to start going through bills, my alone time ended. Time passed too quickly. Jack plopped right next to me at the bar while I was going through papers, threw his legs over mine & interfered with my work. Luckily, Lee & I were able to talk him into taking his Christmas bath. It was after his bath that he discovered his sheets were off his bed, he did not like that at all! After his bath, it was time to watch some tv. Jack is back into the original Batman & Robin series with Adam West. I love it when Jack watches this series because I know this is a sign he is going to have a good day. Isn’t it weird how what’s on his tv can predict his mood? I honestly enjoy watching this series, it’s fun & the Dynamic Duo had a fabulous vocabulary! I think Simone Biles needs to reprise the part of Catwoman played by Eartha Kitt, they are dead ringers for one another.

Toe update: Jack has not picked at his toes any. He has let us medicate them twice a day as the doctor prescribed. As good as Jack has been with his toes & for the nearly the whole month of December with his behavior, we are nervous about what December 26 will bring when the “Santa high” wears off. The cheerful Christmas songs will abruptly end which I think is a cruel injustice because some stations have been playing Christmas music since the first week of November (I need this to be a slow transition), Christmas iPad games will stop, the Christmas movies & shows Jack is so fond of will stop airing. If Jack can be this good for Santa, then why can’t he for us the other 11 months of the year, don’t we mean anything to him!

As a child & teenager, I was always terrified to be “home alone”. I was just born scared, my train of thought centered around the fact if I was home alone, someone was going to come try to kill me. Wonder if my sister Jodie had anything to do with this thinking, perhaps some deep psychotherapy is in order! We lived out in the boondocks where you had to travel on a long dirt road just to get to the dirt road we lived on. I was a latchkey child back in the 80’s & rode the bus home afterschool. I would have the bus driver wait on me to go inside & I would check every room before he could leave. I’d throughly check inside the showers because that’s where killers hid, under the beds, & closets before he could leave. After I did my house-check, I’d wave to signal to him all was well. My Grandma lived down the road, many days I’d call her & say I’m walking (running) down there, have the door unlocked. My long legs would make the run quick. It was there I that gorged on homemade vegetable soup, fried cornbread, a fresh off the woodstove sweet potato, or if I was lucky, a piece of homemade candy my Aunt Dot made. I was always quizzed by Mama on what I ate at Grandma’s, my response was nothing because I didn’t want her to not cook. My appetite has always been healthy, I needed a meat & two vegetables to wash down my afterschool snacks! Mama always knew I was fibbing, Mama’s just knew these things. Looking back, I never thought I would be comfortable enough to stay at home by myself as an adult. Now, being alone is not something I have to worry about, but would love to indulge in pure alone time more frequently even if it does mean catching up on bills or ironing.

Author: dravetsyndromeblog

44 year old Mama of three kids, wife of a farmer, & business owner.

One thought on “Home alone”

  1. Wow….life is just as tough for u as it is for me…meaning our circumstances r different but the ending is the same. I guess what I am trying to say Amy, we can’t a break. I really look up to u. Look what u face day after day or if u r like me, second after second. I never know when mine will appear, sometimes I have no warning. It’s like I am just waiting for my illness to render its ugly head. I have cried snd cried. U r a very strong woman, in my eyes u r. Again, I think of u and Lee and the other 2 kids a lot as well as Jack but I know it has to be hard. I pray for u guys and know I deeply care and pray that one day we will not endure so much pain and suffering. That is the only thing keeping me going because I so want to give up but we must hang in there and let God have it.

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